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  • I found no better quote than this to summarize my job hunting journey.

    At first it is impossible. Everyone has been telling me getting a job in Singapore is impossible for the time being. Too many Malaysians rush in due to the currency. They have their election this year so they keep the policies tight. Impossible to get in to Singapore for work this year. And then, it is hard. Stuggles within me and I wonder which one is Lord's will. Anxiety, uncertainty, mixed feelings dwelling in me. At last, it is done. Received the job offer from Singapore. Perfect combination of everything I want. Program Coordinator of Children.




    Completed my Psychology degree at the end of April. As I have registered for Camp Cameron in August, my original plan was to have internship for the 3 months in between. Then after Camp Cameron, I would start my career.


    Well, Lord's way is not our way.


    Always wanted to go for working holiday in New Zealand, but yet to have the money needed. Thank Alice for the invitation of working holiday in Lang Tengah Island. Definitely a crucial and critical part of my life. Also a memorable experience which I will never ever forget.

    Because of the working holiday, my working plan shifted. After the working holiday, I worked as a research assistant of PACIFIC Project, which is an international project targeting parents and children. To be frank, didn't really expect this working experience to aid in my career path. The reasons I participated in this project were that I love children and I wanna have some income. Praise the Lord, this working experience turned out to be the highlight of all my working experiences. From this working experience I received the credits of having experience with children and parents, and I could share with the interviewers on the challenges when I dealt with the children and parents and how I handled them.



    Side-track a bit, I always wondered whether taking all the posts in Community Outreach Society at the cost of affecting my academic results is the right decision. At times, I accepted it as a right decision as I have too much precious memories and experiences in it, and also I have known so many genuine truthful sincere friends. Throughout my job searching journey, I was further affirmed that it was the right thing to do when I shared with the interviewers on my experiences and skills.



    Camp Cameron was in August. I started sending my resume to Singapore around end of July. No reply at all, except the automated replies upon receiving the application. At times, I really thought that Lord doesn't allow me to go.

    Sent more again to Singapore after coming back from Camp Cameron. Thinking of giving it one last try.


    And, I received one interview notification. It was my first job interview, and it was with Singapore. I was very anxious just because of this. Not that I really want the job. It was a student coordinator post in an international hostel. Working with youth is among the thing I would love to do, but being stuck in a hostel is not really a thing I want. Anyway, I failed my first job interview. And I thank Lord for that HAHA.


    Since there was no other reply from Singapore, started to send my resumes to Malaysia NGO. World Vision, Teach For Malaysia, Malaysian Care, SEED Autism, UNICHEF, Leaderonomics... At the meantime waiting for the reply, I still sent resumes to Singapore. No harm sending what, AHAHAHAHAHAHA, since basically I have no much things to do at home. Sending and not getting reply do no harm on me, better than not sending. Who knows Lord open a door for me HAHA.


    And yea, still no reply from Singapore, but reply from Malaysia.


    On the day I headed to KL for interviews, I received the email from Singapore New Life Community Services, asking me to fill up the application form and send back. Still didn't put much hope in though.


    Interview with Malaysian Care was too smooth till the extent that I really thought this would be my first job. The interview session turned out to be chatting session at last. The director bought me lunch after the session. He showed me around the office and introduced me to the staffs. All the benefits were too good to be told here, except the salary was so low.

    I tried to convince myself with all the benefits, the working culture and also it would be a great exposure for me as a fresh Psy grad since the NGO deals with orang asli, drug addicts, refugee, prisoners, children and youth with special needs. But still, I couldn't deny salary as one of my concerns as I still have the PTPTN debt. Place to stay and transportation were among the concerns as well. Yet, the main concern within me is that I don't think I'm ready to commit for full-time ministry. Even when my lips were saying "Yea, I think Lord wants me to serve the people at the frontline, and I believe He will provide", actually I didn't really have much faith in it. Maybe at that time, I was saying that to convince myself instead of I really believed in it.




    And, at the same time, there's a voice in me, "The best has yet to come."




    Didn't really accept the job offer from Malaysian Care but I was holding it. I told the director I need time to pray, since he challenged me to stay for at least 3 years. Feel really sorry actually. I was the one who sent in application yet I'm the one who draws back. But, 3 years are really not a short period of time. It demands me faith and also courage to give that promise that I can commit. Whoever knows me well will know that I am a person who is extremely responsible once I take the responsibility. I wouldn't want to give a promise that I have to pay more than extra efforts to keep it as my past experience told me that it would be beyond my capacity. Truly grateful that the director gave me the time till end of October.


    In between, I have the first conversation through phone with Teach For Malaysia. I turned down World Vision's suggestion of post other than what I have applied for.


    And this is the time, I received the email from Singapore New Life Community Services.

    After I received the email, I read on their website again. At that point only I realized that they have stated in the website that application without the application form will be disregarded. Thank Lord they sent me the application form even if I didn't attach it! Maybe it was because I stated in my cover letter that I came to know about this vacancy through NCSS website.

    They were so good that they did not request face-to face interview for the first meeting on last Wednesday. We did it through Skype. I was pretty anxious over it. I knew that most probably it is the last chance for me to get a job in Singapore. And also, it was my first Skype interview. My house wifi was not stable. The network adapter of my laptop was malfunctioning that the connection will be cut off automatically sometimes. My neighbour was having renovation, the noise of drilling and hammering have been torturing me every day from 8am to 5.30pm. And also, the HR's tone over the emails was cold. I was even more anxious as I thought they might not be so friendly.

    So how?

    I did my Skype in church. I asked my friends to pray over my network adapter. I thank Lord not because of the things went smoothly as my will but He granted the blessings in His way. Throughout my Skype session, the network was unstable and disconnected for 3 times. However, the interview was not affected at all as the interviewer seemed to have expected such thing to take place. Also, they were so friendly!

    Met the Head of HR and the Head of Children in that Skype session. I could tell from their facial expressions that the session was good. After that they asked me whether I preferred to have a face-to-face meeting with the Director of Children and maybe also the Executive Director in that week or the week after. Being very frank, I said that I preferred to have it in that week as I would like to get it done as soon as possible because I was holding the job offer from another NGO in Malaysia, I have to reply them by end of October. So guess when we had the second interview? The next day of the Skype interview, which was last Thursday.

    Unfortunately the Executive Director was not in. But I got to meet the Director of Children. When they started discussing with me on they can help to get me a place to stay, and the director started discussing with the Head of HR on how long it needs to get the approval of work permit, I started to thank Lord. HAHA.

    They told me I would have to meet the Executive Director through Skype on the next day then they could tell me the decision on Monday or Tuesday. So, I'd been waiting for the updates for Skype session with the Executive Director but received nothing till the noon of Fri. I sent an email to ask and the HR told me that she would update me on it and asked me for the Singapore address which is needed when she applies work permit for me.


    Saturday passed.


    Sunday passed.


    Today is Monday.

    Since today morning I have been refreshing and refreshing my mailbox even I have set the notification alerts whenever mail comes in. Was excited over hearing the alerts throughout the day but always ended up to be mails from jobscental or jobstreet. While waiting, I even rejected the request of SEED Autism to have a phone conversation.


    Time passed and it was nearly five. In anxiety and disappointment, I thought I would have to wait for another day.


    16:51. It was the time when the mail came in - not from the HR anymore but from the Head of HR, offering me the job! In fact I just posted things on Dayre reflecting on my anxiety and impatience HAHA.


    I was truly overjoyed! I got it! Thank Lord so so much.




    At first, it was impossible. Then, it is difficult. At last, it is done!

    It really requires faith and patience throughout this journey.

    I was a person who plan things and really wish things go with my plan, wanting everything to be in my hands. Anxiety used to hit when I think about uncertainty. I was impatient to wait for too long. Waiting with uncertainty is even worse.

    Yet, I have learnt to have faith in His plan, believe that He has His best plan for me even I do not know it for now, trust that He has His best timing to reveal His plan, let the things to be in His hands instead of mine. And it is a great homework for me to be patient, to wait for His plan and His timing. Waiting in uncertainty is not an accurate description, instead I was waiting with certainty, with His promise that He will give me the best, for I'm His daughter.

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